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Most things still remain to be done.

Currently I'm working with a very exciting project.

Curious? You’ll find out more about it during this year.

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Impossible is nothing.

Stadium launches an online store.

Visit stadium.se

I worked for Stadium Communications (Norrköping) between 2004 and 2008. I did many things during the years, but my last tribute was to create a new e-commerce site and implement the new visual indentity – a huuuge project that took two years. (Guess if that champagne tasted good when we launched it 2007!)

It was rewarded “E-commerce site of the year” at Retail Awards 2008.

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App yours, IKEA.

Yes, now you can easily fit 10.000 products in your pocket.

Lead designer for the first version of IKEA’s new iPhone App.

Ranked #1 in the AppStore (August 2010).

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Flash’s dead, baby.

(Long live Flash.)

Between 2008 and 2010 I worked with the Main Promotion Area on IKEA.com created in Flash with Flex builder. It’s used to highlight and promote products and to show IKEA’s home furnishing knowledge within all areas.

I was responsible for the production including design, functionality and implementation of new features.

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  • logo_relaxator_se

Stressed out?

Just take a deep breath.

This is a logotype I designed for a new cool product that recently hit the markets. It helps us to get more relaxed – just by breathing slowly.

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Travolta is so 1977.

So why not checking out some updated dance moves?

This is a campaign for Stadium fashionable trendy youths, aged 15-24. Four dancers show their moves in different Stadium outfits.

In cooperation with Framfab/Paregos.

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A touch of CMYK.

I just love designing album covers.

CD cover and booklet for “Buried Again” album by Colony 5 released in 2008.

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Listen: Spotify

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Go, Sweden, go Sweden!

(Hope is the last thing that dies.)

A campaign for Stadium, with the purpose to prepare all supporters for the World Cup in Germany 2006.

In cooperation with Framfab.

Check it out!
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Knowledge is power.

UR.se – custom built CMS and front-end development

I designed and developed a CMS (from scratch) for UR.se, as well as all front-end templates.

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